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2023-03-23 17:25:53 By : Mr. Fred Feng

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Along Florin Road in South Sacramento, there are dozens of car dealerships, many of which have become the target of thieves.

Jose Garcia, with Matador Motors, opened his business in the area nine years ago.

“We were constantly, every single month, having to pay $6,000, $8,000 to replace a catalytic converter but then sometimes they aren’t in stock so what do you do? Now, you have a vehicle you paid $10,000 to $12,000 -- if you have two or three of them, you have $30,000 to $40,000 of inventory sitting for three (or) four months,” said Garcia.

For Garcia, his solution was a fence. He says in the last eight months since the fence has been up, thefts have decreased.

“A double-edge sword with the fence because it disturbs the view. The biggest advertising is the amount the of traffic on Florin road when they drive by you put up a fence that takes some of that away,” said Garcia.

Other dealerships also want a fence, but they want to take it a step further with an electric fence. They need the City of Sacramento to approve it. 

Jass Auto Sales is one of the stores that could be interested. 

“I know dealerships are looking to do it soon and a lot are closing down due to the theft,” said Jasmin Mahfouz, who works at Jass Auto Sales.

Corey De Roo, executive director of Florin Road Partnership, understands why businesses are looking for more security.

“I would say the catalytic converter thefts have played a huge roll,” said Mahfouz.

De Roo said the organization provides security guards that patrol the area, but business owners say it’s not enough.

Currently, there are two security guards patrolling more than 500 businesses.

The electric fences would potentially keep would-be thieves out, but many community members have safety concerns.

Luther Burbank High School is right down the road from these businesses, and some are worried students could get electrocuted.

“There is no way the children would be touching... this fence unless they are inside on this private property and well inside the private property, not just along the street side,” said De Roo.

Businesses plan take the issue to the city this week.

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